Strong, on-the-ground investment team

OTG Asset Management LTD is a boutique investment advisor based in Latin America. Our investment team and network are all located in South America and are comprised of business leaders who were born and raised in the region with a combined financial industry experience of more than 100 years. We offer:

  • Extensive fundamental knowledge and investment experience managing capital and risk through multiple market cycles in Latin America.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the cultural political, social and financial climate of the region in which we invest because we are deeply immersed in the history and culture of the region.
  • Access to an established network of local experts and security analysts throughout Latin America who give us insight into the challenges and opportunities to be found here.
  • Investment options for investors in the U.S. through OTG Latin America Fund, a mutual fund, Non-U.S investors through OTG Cayman Latin America Fund, a private offering, and through separately managed accounts available to Non-U.S. investors.

Our Team

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Mauricio Alvarez

Chief Executive Officer, OTG Asset Management LTD

Mr. Alvarez started his career as an Investment Officer and Broker Dealer for Credibolsa Investments, a subsidiary in Bolivia of Credicorp Peru. In mid-2002, he joined Nacional de Valores, an investment firm of Banco Nacional de Bolivia, where he spent the next two years working as an Investment Advisor and Broker Dealer.

For several years, Mr. Alvarez moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he held several positions in the banking industry, including a position as an Assistant Vice-President and Branch Manager for MidAmerica Bank (later PNC Bank).

Prior to joining Strategic Asset Management Ltd., Mr. Alvarez was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Compliance Officer (CCOO for Mercantil Santa Cruz Agencia de Bolsa asset manager and broker dealer of Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz S.A. Currently Mr. Alvarez is the CEO of OTG Asset Management LTD and is the Portfolio Manager for the products offered through the Advisor.

Mr. Alvarez has a degree in economics from the Bolivian Catholic University and a specialization in Market Analysis and Portfolio Management from the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles in Madrid, Spain.

Alejandro Lazo de la Vega

Head of Sales for Latin America and US

Before being named Head of Sales for OTG Asset Management LTD, Mr. Lazo de la Vega was the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for the leading life insurance company in Bolivia. He also worked as a Portfolio Manager for Credifondo SAFI, S.A., a subsidiary in Bolivia of Credicorp Group. He has also held positions as a currency trader and operations manager for companies in Bolivia and the U.S.

Mr. Lazo de la Vega holds a BS in Business Administration from Barton College in Wilson, North Carolina and an MBA from the European School of Business with a specialization in Corporate Finance in Madrid, Spain.

Investment Committee

Our Investment Committee is comprised of five people, including the portfolio manager. We evaluate our investment prospects on a regular basis and continually review our portfolio holdings. The members have deep fundamental proficiency in evaluating companies, as well as experience managing capital and risk through multiple market cycles in Latin America. Our comprehensive knowledge of the history and culture of the region enables us to understand the political, social, cultural, and financial climate where we invest.

We Are Distinctive

OTG Asset Management LTD invests in growing companies that may be largely undiscovered by the average investor.
We find value through our regional network and relationships.
We are able to leverage our New York and Latin American relationships.
Our portfolios have significant investment/cash flexibility.

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that Latin America is a region with potential for promising growth, mainly due to market inefficiencies and largely undiscovered opportunities.

Our Investment Process

  1. We begin with a macroeconomic overview to identify countries, sectors and industries we believe offer opportunities.
  2. We then apply fundamental and technical analysis, coupled with visiting with regional and local networks, to identify the securities in each country we intend to include.
  3. We gather information from our local strategic alliances and exchange ideas with experts and specialists in the local market, which may lead to additional opportunities.

Risk Management

Portfolio hedges, position level stop-loss, equity shorts and use of equity options for income (covered calls1) and hedging (puts2) are used to mitigate risk and volatility. Positions may be quickly increased or decreased to address both security and macro risk factors.

1 Covered call: Financial transaction in which the investor selling call options owns an equivalent amount of the underlying security.
2 Put: A contract giving the put option buyer the right but not the obligation to sell or sell short a specified amount of an underlying security at a predetermined price within a specified timeframe.

A Fundamental/Global Macro Approach is Our Core Strength

core strength